Southwest Archery Spyder Review: The Perfect Entry-Level Recurve Bow?

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Southwest Archery Spyder Review

Welcome to the world of traditional archery, where you might be considering the Southwest Spyder as your first bow. This entry-level recurve bow has been compared to the popular Samick Sage, and in this review, we’ll be exploring its features and capabilities.

So, let’s get started and find out if the Spyder is the right choice for you.

Quick Comparison:

Versions62-inch Spyder and 64-inch Spyder XL
Kit ComponentsRiser, set of limbs (45 pounds), Dacron string, stick-on arrow rest
Riser Appearance and FunctionalityWell-polished, smooth design with red accent, ergonomic grip, pre-installed bushings for accessories
Limb Attachment SystemUnique hex wrench system for secure and reliable connection
Assembled Bow PerformanceLight and compact design, gentle and comfortable draw force curve, adaptable to accessory upgrades
Affordability and AestheticsAffordable, modern, and stylish design with a wide range of draw weights
DrawbacksSmaller grip size may be an issue for larger hands, reliance on hex wrench for limb attachment
Overall RecommendationExcellent entry-level traditional bow, suitable for archers with different preferences and needs
PriceCheck Price on Amazon

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Which versions are available for the Southwest Spyder?

The Southwest Spyder comes in two models: the 52-inch (link to Amazon) and 64-inch Spyder XL (link to Amazon). The main difference is the length, with Spyder XL being slightly longer. This extra length may be helpful for taller archers or those with a longer draw length. 

Additionally, the longer Spyder XL can offer a smoother draw cycle and reduced string pinch, which can lead to increased accuracy and comfort during shooting. 

The Spyder, in both versions, is made of high-quality materials and crafted with attention to detail. This ensures that regardless of the size you choose, you get a reliable and well-crafted bow.

Furthermore, the availability of the two different lengths provides versatility and allows archers to select the model that best suits their body type and shooting style.

What’s included in the Southwest Spyder kit?

When you purchase the Southwest Spyder, the kit comes with everything you need to get started:

  1. Riser
  2. Set of limbs (45 pounds)
  3. Dacron string
  4. Stick-on arrow rest

The Riser

The Spyder’s riser boasts a dual wood laminated construction, giving it a striking two-tone semi-gloss finish. This polished wood grip not only feels comfortable in your hand but also has excellent thermal properties. 

You can shoot directly off the shelf out of the box or choose to attach a stick-on or screw-in arrow rest. Plus, it’s available in both left and right-handed variations, catering to all archers.

While the Spyder riser shares similarities in design and construction with the Samick Sage, there are some noticeable differences. You’ll find that the wood color, the subtle red stripe above the arrow rest, and the rounded edges set the Spyder apart. 

The limbs are two-piece laminated hard maple surrounded by matte black fiberglass, available in draw weights ranging from 20lbs to 60lbs.


The Spyder’s limbs are easy to swap out, making it an ideal choice for beginners wanting to start with a low draw weight and gradually increase. With various draw weights available, you might even be able to interchange them with limbs from the Samick Sage or Samick Journey.

The String

While the bow string included with the Spyder gets the job done, it’s not built for long-term use. If you intend to use the bow regularly, you should purchase a higher-quality string. Watch out for fraying, as it indicates that the string needs to be replaced.

Arrow Rest

Although the arrow rest that ships with the Spyder is suitable for beginners, you might want to upgrade to a better one as you become more experienced. A high-quality arrow rest can improve your shooting experience and enhance your accuracy.

How does the Southwest Spyder riser stand out?

The riser of the Southwest Spyder is not only well-polished and visually appealing but also designed with functionality in mind.

The smooth design and red accent give it a distinctive look that sets it apart from other entry-level bows. The grip is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in smaller hands, allowing for better control and stability during shooting. 

This is especially important for beginners, as proper grip and hand placement are essential for consistent and accurate shots.

The riser also features pre-installed bushings for accessories such as a bow sight, stabilizer, or quiver, allowing you to customize your bow as you progress in your archery journey.

What makes the Spyder limbs attachment unique?

The Spyder limbs attachment system sets it apart from other bows in its class. The use of a hex wrench for attaching the limbs provides a more secure and reliable connection than finger screws. 

This reduces the risk of the limbs loosening or shifting during use, which could negatively impact accuracy and consistency. Additionally, the hex wrench system contributes to the bow’s overall clean and streamlined appearance, giving it a more professional look. 

This unique limb attachment system not only enhances the bow’s performance but also provides a sense of confidence to the archer, knowing that their equipment is securely assembled.

How does the fully assembled Southwest Spyder perform?

Once assembled, the Southwest Spyder’s light and compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it an ideal choice for archers who may be traveling to different shooting locations or storing their bow in limited spaces.

 Its lightweight construction also contributes to reduced fatigue during longer shooting sessions, enabling beginners to focus on honing their skills and technique.

The draw force curve of the Southwest Spyder is gentle and comfortable, providing a smooth shooting experience. This soft curve allows for a more manageable and consistent draw, which is crucial for beginners as they work on developing their form and accuracy. 

Additionally, the Spyder’s performance is further enhanced by its ability to accommodate various accessory upgrades, such as sights, stabilizers, and quivers. This adaptability ensures that the bow can grow with the archer as their skills progress.

Why is the Southwest Spyder an affordable and aesthetically pleasing option?

The Southwest Spyder offers a perfect blend of affordability, performance, and aesthetics, making it a popular choice for entry-level archers. While its price is accessible to beginners, the Spyder doesn’t compromise on quality or appearance. 

The riser’s sleek and streamlined design, coupled with the red accent, gives it a modern and stylish look that is often reserved for more expensive bows. This combination of price and design allows new archers to enjoy a high-quality bow without breaking the bank. 

Moreover, the Spyder’s wide range of draw weights caters to various skill levels and preferences, making it a versatile option for archers as they develop their skills.

Are there any drawbacks to the Southwest Spyder?

Despite its many positive features, the Southwest Spyder does have some drawbacks. As mentioned earlier, the smaller grip size may be an issue for people with larger hands, causing discomfort during extended shooting sessions. 

However, this smaller grip is perfect for those with smaller hands, providing a comfortable and secure hold. Another potential drawback is the reliance on a hex wrench for limb attachment, which may be less convenient for some archers compared to finger screws. 

It may require carrying an additional tool in your archery kit. Nevertheless, the advantages of the hex wrench system, such as a secure connection and a sleek appearance, often outweigh this minor inconvenience for most archers.

Can You Use Spyder For Hunting?

The Spyder can be used for hunting with its available draw weights from 20lbs to 60lbs, but it’s crucial to choose the appropriate draw weight for the game you’re targeting. 

A draw weight of 35lbs to 40lbs may suffice for smaller game, while 40lbs to 50lbs is recommended for larger game like deer.

Of course, familiarize yourself with the hunting requirements in your area and always follow local laws and regulations.

Can You Use Spyder For Bowfishing?

If you want to try bowfishing, the Spyder is a versatile option with its range of draw weights.

You’ll need to attach a bowfishing reel, line, and specialized arrow rest, but the pre-installed bushings on the riser make customization a breeze. 

Keep in mind that bowfishing typically requires a lower draw weight than hunting, usually around 30lbs to 40lbs. This ensures that you can hold the bow at full draw while aiming at fish in the water without causing excessive fatigue.


In summary, the Southwest Spyder is an excellent entry-level traditional bow with many attractive features. The Spyder comes in two versions: 62-inch and 64-inch Spyder XL, giving options for different preferences and needs.

The kit includes all the essential components for a beginner archer, and the well-polished riser with a comfortable grip ensures a smooth shooting experience.

The unique limb attachment mechanism using a hex wrench provides a secure and stable connection, while the fully assembled bow’s light and compact design allows for easy handling.

The Spyder’s affordability, wide range of draw weights, and sleek design make it an appealing choice for those looking to invest in their first bow.

While the grip size may not suit those with larger hands, it is ideal for archers with smaller hands.

Happy shooting!