Samick Sage vs Samick Polaris: A Comprehensive Comparison for Archery Enthusiasts

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Samick Sage vs Samick Polaris

So, you’re interested in getting into archery and you’ve narrowed your choices down to the Samick Sage and the Samick Polaris. Both bows are popular choices for beginners, but which one should you choose?

Here, I’ll compare both bows to help you decide, looking at features, performance, and suitability.

Quick Comparison:

FeatureSamick SageSamick Polaris
Build and DesignHard maple and olive dymondwood riser, hard maple and black fiberglass limbsWalnut, hard maple, and white oak riser, hard maple and fiberglass laminate limbs
Size Options62 inches48 to 70 inches
Draw Weight Options25 to 60 pounds10 to 40 pounds
AssemblyEasy, no bow stringer includedEasy, no bow stringer included
Performance and AccuracyConsistent, suitable for target shooting and huntingGood for the price range, suitable for target shooting
Hunting SuitabilitySuitable with higher draw weights, slightly cumbersome lengthSuitable with 68″ and 70″ limbs, large length may be uncomfortable
Accessory CompatibilityPreinstalled bushings for sights, stabilizers, and quiversPreinstalled bushings for brass plunger, stabilizer, and sight/quiver
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

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Samick Sage Overview

The Samick Sage (link to Amazon) is a well-loved takedown recurve bow that has gained a solid reputation among archers. Popular for its price and durability as well as effectiveness, it’s the preferred choice for beginners.

But what makes it stand out, and how does it compare to the Samick Polaris?

Let’s examine its main features and advantages.

  1. Build and Design: The Samick Sage (link to a review) boasts a visually appealing design, with a riser made of hard maple and olive dymondwood. The limbs are constructed from hard maple and black fiberglass, giving them a sleek look. The bow is available in lengths of 62 inches, with draw weights ranging from 25 to 60 pounds.
  2. Ease of Assembly: Assembling the Sage is simple and straightforward, although it does not come with a bow stringer. You can easily attach and remove the limbs using the provided bolts and tools.
  3. Performance and Accuracy: The Samick Sage offers impressive performance for a beginner’s bow. It provides consistent accuracy, making it suitable for target shooting and even hunting, provided you have the appropriate draw weight.
  4. Hunting Suitability: With the higher draw weights available, the Samick Sage can be used for hunting, although its 62-inch length may be slightly cumbersome for some hunters.
  5. Accessory Compatibility: The Sage is ready for customization, with preinstalled bushings for sights, stabilizers, and quivers. This allows you to personalize your bow to fit your shooting preferences and needs.

Samick Polaris Overview

Now that we’ve covered the Samick Sage, let’s take a look at the Samick Polaris (link to Amazon). Like the Sage, the Polaris is a takedown recurve bow designed for beginners, but with some differences in features and performance.

Here are the key aspects of the Polaris to consider.

  1. Build and Design: The Samick Polaris features a riser made from walnut, hard maple, and white oak. Its limbs are constructed from hard maple with a fiberglass laminate. The Polaris is available in lengths ranging from 48 to 70 inches, with draw weights between 10 and 40 pounds.
  2. Ease of Assembly: Similar to the Sage, the Polaris is easy to assemble, but it also lacks a bow stringer in the package. Assembly requires no special tools, and you can have the bow ready to shoot within 15 minutes.
  3. Performance and Accuracy: For its price range, the Polaris offers good accuracy and power. It is capable of maintaining tight groupings at 15 and 25 yards, making it an excellent choice for target shooting.
  4. Hunting Suitability: Only the 68-inch and 70-inch limbs have draw weights heavy enough for hunting. The Polaris may be too large for comfortable use in hunting situations due to its length.
  5. Accessory Compatibility: The Polaris also accepts accessories, with bushings preinstalled for a brass plunger, stabilizer, and sight/quiver. This enables many shooting styles and customization choices.

Samick Sage vs Samick Polaris: The Verdict

Now that we’ve explored the features and performance of both the Samick Sage and the Samick Polaris, it’s time to decide which bow is the best choice for you.

Here’s a list of their main differences that can help make a choice.

  1. Size and Draw Weight Options The Samick Polaris offers a wider range of sizes and draw weights compared to the Samick Sage. This makes it more suitable for archers of different ages and sizes. However, the Sage’s higher draw weight options make it more versatile for different types of shooting, including hunting.
  2. Performance and Accuracy Both bows offer good performance and accuracy for their price range. However, the Samick Sage is known for its consistent accuracy, making it a more reliable choice for both target shooting and hunting.
  3. Hunting Suitability The Samick Sage has the edge when it comes to hunting suitability due to its higher draw weight options. The Polaris may be too large and cumbersome for comfortable use in hunting situations, especially for those with shorter limbs.
  4. Price Both bows are budget-friendly options for beginners. The Samick Polaris may be slightly more economical, but the difference in price may not be significant enough to sway your decision.


In the battle between the Samick Sage and the Samick Polaris, the decision ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

If you’re looking for a versatile bow with a reputation for consistent accuracy and performance, the Samick Sage is a great choice. Conversely, If you want more size and draw weight choices, the Samick Polaris might be better for you.

Both bows are excellent choices for beginners and offer a solid foundation to build your archery skills. No matter which bow you pick, you’ll have a great start in archery.

Happy shooting!