American Flatbow vs English Longbow: Which is Better?

the American Flatbow

Both American Flatbow (AFB) and English Longbow (ELB) go by different names, but they mostly refer to the same type of bow, the longbow. In this post, we’re going to discuss the lowdown of each bow. American Flatbow (AFB) American calls this bow “longbow”, whereas Briton calls it the American Flatbow, to differentiate it from … Read more

Static vs Working Recurve Bow

bow for mounted/horseback archery

Recurve bow and longbow represent the most common types of bows seen in the hands of horseback archers today. You can easily spot the recurve bow by taking a look at the end of the bow limbs or limb tips, which curve away toward the target away from the archer. In some cases, there is … Read more