Correct Way to Nock an Arrow On a Recurve and Compound Bow, with a whisker biscuit, and a Drop Away Rest

correct way to nock an arrow

Nocking the arrow is the process of loading the arrow onto the bowstring. Once nocked, the nock should snap securely into place without getting lose from the string. Providing you have set your nocking point right and practiced your shooting stance correctly, nocking an arrow is the easiest step of the shot cycle. There are … Read more

Higher or Lower Arrow Spine: Which One?

Out of all the factors that you have to consider when buying an arrow — arrow length, fletching, point weight, etc. — arrow spine singles out as the most critical factor that you should carefully pay close attention to. In this post, we’ll learn everything that you need to know about arrow spine. Here are … Read more

How to Fit a Thumb Ring For Archery?

thumb rings

A thumb ring is a piece of necessary equipment designed to protect the thumb that every thumb drawer should have. There are many different types of thumb rings made of different kinds of materials — leather, metal, stone, horn, antler, wood, bone, ceramic, plastic, glass — with different styles of cuts and shapes. The Turkish … Read more

How To Thumb Draw A Bow (In 3 Easy Steps)

how to thumb draw a bow

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to thumb draw a bow? You can stop looking anywhere because, in this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about thumb draw: from the basic to the step-by-step instruction to thumb draw a bow. If you already know what is a thumb draw and … Read more

Can a Left Eye Dominant Person Shoot a Right Handed Bow?

archer shoots with the perfect anchor point

Last night I got this question from a friend: “Can a left eye dominant person shoot a right-handed bow?”. Most archers with this problem prefer to shoot with their dominant eye and train their weak hand instead. For most people, training their weak hand to nock comes much easier than training their eyes. So to … Read more

How to Find Best Anchor Point For Drawing a Bow?

archer shoots with the perfect anchor point

Opinions vary on the question of how to find a proper anchor point since different archers can have different anchor points depending on the shooting style that they use. Here’s the quick answer: Thumb shooters generally place their thumb knuckle around the corner of their mouths as the basis of their anchor point. Finger shooters … Read more