How to Bare Shaft Tuning Wood Arrows


The process to bare shaft tune wood arrows is pretty much done in the same way as the process to bare shaft tune carbon or aluminum arrows with one crucial difference. When you measure the minimum length that the arrow can be cut to, you must exclude the tapered portion from the measurement. If you … Read more

How to Bare Shaft Tune a Compound Bow


Tuning is the essence of the bow set up. It’s the art of matching your bow with the arrow. If you do an excellent job of tuning your bow correctly, you have achieved at least half what it takes to become a good archer. The other half is a perfect shooting form that would come … Read more

5 of The Most Popular Horseback Archery Saddles

horseback archery saddles

Horseback archers use different types of saddles. Some saddles are better suited for certain techniques than others. Some saddles lend themselves better for seated shooting technique (shooting while you are sitting in the saddle) while other saddles may be better for standing shooting technique. Basically, in horseback archery, we can use any kinds of saddles. … Read more

String Stretch on Bow: What You Should Do?

how to check bowstring

Your local bow mechanic might have told you a few days ago that you have a string stretch problem on your bow, and now you may be left wondering what you should do next? The best advice that I can give you is to get a new one. Buying a new string is cheaper than … Read more