How to Store Archery Arrows The Right Way?

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Just like the bows, you need to know how to store your arrows properly as well to keep their performance up to par.

In this post, I’ll cover two important topics related to arrows: arrow storage and arrow maintenance.

How to Store An Arrow

1.The first rule, make sure your arrows are dry before being stored. Storing the arrows in a wet condition will cause the points rust, the shaft (wood or bamboo shafts) becomes warp or rot, and the feathers degrade.

2. After making sure the arrows are dry the next step is to store them somewhere that is dry, away from direct sunlight and protected from extreme temperatures (heat or cold).

Specifically for wood or bamboo shafts, direct sunlight and extreme heat can damage their shafts and bleach the color out of the feathers.

3. Store the arrows vertically in a rack or tube. You may want to consider using an arrow holder case when traveling.

Arrow holder cases help to hold the arrows securely, so you don’t need to worry the arrows are going to come loosely inside.

Arrow Maintenance

1.If you shoot using carbon and aluminum arrows you don’t need to do anything; as for wooden arrows users, you should coat the arrows occasionally with varnish or Danish oil.

2. Arrows feathers should be kept dry and waterproofed.

Wet feathers damage the arrows performance as they become heavier when getting wet resulting in a slower flight.

There was one test conducted by Mark Stretton to compare the speed differences between shooting dry and wet fletchings. The test result comes out that shooting from wet fletching does slow the arrow down dramatically. You can read about the test here.

To dry the wet feathers you can hold them in the steam of hot boiling water. Be careful when you hold the arrows, make sure to keep your fingers clear of the steam.

Remove the arrows then run your finger along the feathers from front to rear to remove the remaining water droplets. Dry the feathers completely before waterproofing the arrows.

3. You can spray any aerosol sprays that you can found easily at many supermarkets or motoring shops to waterproof the arrows. Do periodic sprays to keep the arrows waterproofed.

4. The last step is to check for the points and nocks.

Check the points regularly to ensure they are not loose, detached, or rusted. If you find the points are rusting, you can use some wire wool to remove the rust.

And the last part in the arrow maintenance checklist is to check the nocks are still properly attached and aligned with the feathers.